Welcome to Orion Kendal

 Orion Kendal believes in owning items that are unique and special, therefore we have developed a range of t-shirts and now bomber jackets which are designed and developed with time and care, making sure each design reflects the idea of individuality. 

Orion Kendal has a vision of promoting and supporting the social issue of gender neutrality by making androgynous products, aiming to empower people to be themselves and not be identified under the clothing label male or female (because why let a M or F label ruin our plot to steal our partners clothes!)  Orion Kendal wants to be seen amongst the community as an honest brand, developing original products to express personality and individuality. We believe the best way to share with the world our personality is through our clothes and we want the world to see us as groovy earthlings!

Orion Kendal designs are based on the minimalist aesthetic of linear lines. By using lines to form an image we can capture the basic outline of a subject and leave the rest to the viewers imagination, giving each t-shirt a different look depending on how you choose to view it.   

It is important to Orion Kendal that each t-shirt and jacket has been carefully produced to a level which would be fit for the queen to unwrap and wear. If you feel as though your order wouldn't meet her standards please let us know! 

Who runs the show?

Orion Kendal is the alter ego of an aspiring designer who wants nothing more than to have her work walk down the high streets of London, Paris and Milan.
When  going about her weekly routine, passing time by doodling into a scrap book, watching commuters pass by the train window the idea of Orion Kendal was born. Watching closely at the passers by she noted the number of black and navy pin striped suits, all identical continuously passing by creating a grey haze out the train window. How boring..... 
Pairing her love for art and design into a creative concoction she developed the idea to create new, unique t-shirts which expressed personality and individuality.  With many hours of refining designs and consulting with much loved friends, Orion Kendal was launched into the market in hopes to bring a new and exciting ora to the street wear world. A year on from the launch of Orion Kendal new products have bloomed into the market including limited edition bomber jackets and hand painted leather. The creative mind is always brewing so keep your eyes out for more OK products.

Made from 100% cotton and screen printed with care, all Orion Kendal products are produced and packed fit to be unwrapped by a King or Queen. Any problems or questions about our products please contact us!

Email - orionkendal@gmail.com
Linkedin - www.linkedin.com/in/orionkendalscott
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/orionkendal

NZ Entrepreneur magazine - https://nzentrepreneur.co.nz/orion-scott-no-excuses/
Metro News Article - https://metronews.co.nz/article/kiwi-teenager-to-study-fashion-in-paris

L.A Women album covers designed by Orion Kendal - https://open.spotify.com/artist/4FUs4dXBvexAfJDQEcBfGj

O K xx