Bee Mine Leather jacket// OK x VINTAGE

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Orion Kendal x Vintage Collection // 1980 x 2017

Some of this worlds best fashion creations come from the 80's and this 'Jets Leather' jacket is definitely one of them.

Orion Kendal's new Vintage Collection is designed to make these vintage greats even greater. By keeping its classic boxy form we have given this 1980's 'Jets Leather' biker jacket new street cred.
Once worn by bikers all over New Zealand, Jets leather jackets have an alright reputation within New Zealand history. 

We have transformed this once rough perceived exterior into a work of walking art, hand painted by yours truely. 

How to wear your Bee Mine leather jacket - 
This slice of NZ style history deserves to be re-homed and honoured by someone truely special. Wear it with jeans and boots for a super stealth look (*hair flip a few times to reach that " I just woke up ad my hair really does look this good")  or leave your arms out and sling it over your shoulders and look super Parisian chic. This jacket will forever be your fashion best friend ( we promise!) 

NZ Born and Bred (cut and sewn)-
Made from 100% NZ Cow hide by the infamous Jets Leather in Hamilton, this is as durable as leather jackets go. (we know this cause the seams have been around for 20 years!) To clean- wipe it down with a wet cloth, however we believe the more spills and stains the better! ( almost like a wearable story book). 
Like the Mona Lisa this jacket has been carefully painted by hand. Special leather paint has been used to ensure the design lasts as long as the jacket! ( expect a little wear and tear, cracks and scratches with time).

Vintage condition- 
Because this jacket is vintage there are a few Knicks and wears, paired with that indescribable opshop leather jacket musk, making it look loved and worn in.
If you have any concerns about the condition of this oh so fabulous jacket, please email us so we can send through closer photos of every seam and scratch! 

  • Metal zips
  • 100% cow hide leather 
  • condition - GOOD 
  • size - fits a 6-12, depending on how you like you jackets to fit (model is a size 8) 
  • Hand painted with leather paint 
  • original labels and care instructions
Any questions please email us! 

OK xx