Botanical Forest Bomber - Limited edition

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Botanical Forest Bomber

Like our t-shirts this jacket was invented to bring you a stylish one of a kind item to add to your wardrobe.

This jacket is made to be the only one in the world, meaning this is yours to do as you wish, dressing it with jeans and a OK tee, or to cover your shoulders on a more sophisticated night out in a gown. Whatever the occasion you can be assured that you won't have a "who wore it better" miss hap.
It is also hand made with care to make sure each pattern piece fits the design perfectly, not only does the outside scream "look at me" the classy black lined inside does too!

Our jackets are developed on a 'one size fits all' scale, they are designed to be a bit roomy and it depends if you like the style zipped up or not. As the cuffs and waistband are made from stretchy ribbing they can stretch to all different body types.
  • One size fits all - 6-12
  • NZ Made

If you have any questions or inquiries we would LOVE to hear them.