OK you're a JEANous // OK x VINTAGE

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Orion Kendal x Vintage Collection // LEVI'S

Some of this worlds best fashion creations come from the 80's and this 'Jets Leather' jacket is definitely one of them.

Orion Kendal's new Vintage Collection is designed to make these vintage greats even greater. 

Its no secret that the Levi's denim jean jacket has been the saving grace of wardrobes worldwide. After James Dean popularized them in the movie Rebel Without a Cause, wearing jeans became a symbol of youth rebellion during the 1950s. So join the rebellion and add this classic piece to your wardrobe. 

There is a reason why the beloved Jean jacket has been around for so long, Its effortlessly cool and an iconic style staple. Wear it with quite literally anything, rain or shine slip this jacket on and feel like an absolute #GIRLBOSS.

  • Washed out blue denim 
  • Women's  size SMALL ( model is size 8-10) 
  • Original LEVI STRAUSS